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There are many online translation devices but they are all machine reliant which are of course not 100% accurate. takes out the errors and omissions by using human translators, in the process guaranteeing 100% accurate translations in a 24 hour turn around. Try us by using the form below!

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Chinese translation real
estate industry product

My Translator has launched a product to allow agents to automatically translate their listings into Chinese. Each month in China there are 90 million property searches for real estate and less than 1% of mainland Chinese can read English. Via the My Translator API tool, an agent dealing in residential or commercial real estate or businesses for sale can now access the Chinese property buyer using the system. Using human chinese to english translation services as opposed to machine translation, our technology enables you to cut time, costs and turnaround. Download our MyDesktop PDF info sheet here.


What sets our english to chinese translators apart is our professional, reliable and accurate translation service. We take pride in our translation services.

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About our chinese english translator team.

About Our Team

My Translator is proud to have a professional and knowledgeable management team including many years experience in sales, marketing, administration and small business start up. Our translation team collectively has over 60 years translation experience and is based in Southern China. Our head translator oversees the team and has over 20 years in translation and Interpreting, specializing in Chinese, Japanese and English.

Our IT Team is based in Brisbane Australia with all our production and maintenance work carried out in house, we do not outsource any of our work resulting in first class quality control over our customer requirements resulting in the best possible care of your business. My Translator also maintains a global relationship with some of the World's best known brands.