Professional Human Translation Service Within 24 hours - "Don't Get Lost In Translation"


My-Translator is a separate division of the Chinese -Translation-Centre owned and operated by the REC Group with its head office located in Brisbane Australia with a branch office in Donnguang China.

In 2012 My-Translator combined with the Dongguang Translation Centre who have been leaders in the Chinese translation market in Southern China for over 20 years, adding the vast experience of their Chinese translation team to our Company.

We offer a world leading human Chinese translation service that gives us the ability to deliver low cost, highly accurate human translations within a 24 hour turn around to clients over the World with a world-class team consisting of in-house native translators, editors and proofreaders providing high quality and cost-efficient English – Chinese - English human translation.

  • Over 20 years translation experience
  • Experienced team of translators and proof readers
  • Advanced translation software technology
  • Competitive online pricing
  • 24 hour translation turnaround
  • All translations carried out in China
  • Translations delivered to your nominated email address

Through our committed efforts of our customer focused and experienced team My-Translator aims to provide our clients with quality human translation services and support to allow them to achieve the best possible outcome, whilst always acting with integrity and respect for community values.