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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we not use a computer translator tool such as Google Translator?

A. The following english text was put through the Google translator...

" The main bedroom leads directly through sliding doors onto the pool area, the second and third bedroom will accommodate double beds, the bathroom is central and there is also and additional separate toilet. Outside there is a double bay shed complete with power and lighting that has been used as a workshop, there is accommodation for two cars, The owners have the place in excellent condition, A few steps lead up to the level yard from the pool area. "

This was translated into the following chinese...


How does this read to a chinese person?

" The master bedroom, a direct result of the pool area through sliding doors, the second and third bedroom can accommodate a double bed, bathroom is central, and have extra separate toilet.
Outside power and lighting complete a Double Bay shed has been used as a shop, two car accommodation, the owners are in excellent condition, there are several steps leading to the pool area of the horizontal ones.

As you can see, the automatic translated text does not make sense to a chinese person. Therefore it voids the very purpose for having the information translated in the first place. Automatically translating text can also be dangerous from a legal perspective when selling products or services.

Q. Can you guarantee my project will remain confidential? 

A. My Translator understands the importance of confidentiality in regards to your project, and will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure the content of your project remains private and confidential.

Q. Who translates my text?
A. Professional chinese/english translators from our office.

. Once I place an order, how long does it take to receive the completed translated documents?
A. Once we receive your order, we guarantee a maximum turnaround of 24 hours up to 1000 words.  

Q. How experienced are your translators and interpreters?
A. All our translators are vastly experienced and qualified in China

Q. Do you offer certified translation?
A. My Translator offer a comprehensive service for translation and certification of various documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, licenses etc.

Not all documents are required to be certified. This list consists of mostly of personal documents such as all sorts of certificates, school and college diplomas and transcripts and all sorts of legal documentation for individuals. These certified translations are usually requested by government agencies. Our company complies with the current Government regulations and are eligible to offer document translation and certification services.

Q. Which languages do My Translator translate from and to?
A. All our translators are Chinese native speakers and we specialise in English – Chinese – English translations.

Q. How do I pay for a translation
A. By credit card via our secure online system

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