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How We Work

How Our English To Chinese Translation Services Work

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My Translator caters for the Individual or Company that requires quick accurate human Chinese translation returned to them within 24 hours.

The graphic above illustrates how we work in 6 easy steps.

Step 1 You select the source and target language
Step 2 You insert the text you wish to have translated
Step 3 The system calculates the cost and you confirm to proceed
Step 4 Your text is automatically emailed to our translators
Step 5 Our translators translate your text
Step 6 Your translation is emailed direct to your email address

Our Human Translators Provide:
* Accurate translation * Vast experience * 24/7 support
* 24 hour turnaround * Proofreading * Competitive rates
* Terminology management * Complete confidentiality * 60 years experience

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