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Comparing Human Translation Services vs Machine

Examples of machine translation...

The text you'd like to translate into Chinese... How it is translated by Google Translate, Babelfish and other automatic translation software...
" This is a century old five bedroom homestead updated in 1998 " " This is the century at 1998 updated old five bedrooms house. "
" It is hot today " " Today's hot it was "
"Voters can expect lengthy delays at the ballot box " " In the election, voters can look forward to a long delay "

As you can see with the above examples, automatic translation is not accurate. Let's find out why.

Ensure you get the most accurate Chinese Translation

When you use a machine based Chinese translation service, the document or website is translated by a computer program. Unfortunately, computers don't really understand human languages, so your Chinese translation may end up very inaccurate.

Computers do a fairly good job of translating individual words, but have serious limitations when translating complex sentences. Knowing about these limitations, however, can help you get the best Chinese translation possible.

English To Chinese Phrases

While words are relatively easy to translate from English to Chinese, it is much more difficult to translate sentences and phrases. Machine translation websites allow you to paste in text or specify a web page for translation, but the result is sometimes difficult to understand and often inaccurate.

Chinese Translation Formatting

When it comes to computer translation, the simpler the better. If you stick to Subject – Verb – Object sentences, you have the best chance of getting an understandable Chinese translation.

Even so, some Chinese computer translation services are better than others. Here are a few examples.
Take for example, the often used simple English sentence "It is hot today."

Google Translate translated this as an acceptable 今天天氣很熱 / 今天天气很热 (jīntiān tiānqì hěn rè.)
Reverso came up with a completely innacurate 这是热门 (zhè shì rèmén).

Transwhiz came up with它今天很熱 / 它今天很热 (tā jīntiān hěn rè). This word-for-word translation is not grammatically correct.

Several websites, came up with 天气今天熱的 / 天气今天热的 (tiānqì jīntiān rè de). This can be understood, but is a very clumsy use of Mandarin.

Many Translations, Few Engines

Despite the relatively large number of Chinese computer translation websites, there seems to be just a few translation engines that power them.

Accurate English To Chinese Translation Services

Computer translation will only get you so far. It may provide an understandable translation, as long as you simplify the original English text, but the only way to get a proper Chinese translation is to engage a professional translator, preferably someone who is a native Mandarin speaker and who partners with a native English speaker. This is absolutely essential for business correspondence. This is exactly the service that we offer at My Translator.

The following english text was put through the Google translator (automatic software)...

" The main bedroom leads directly through sliding doors onto the pool area, the second and third bedroom will accommodate double beds, the bathroom is central and there is also and additional separate toilet. Outside there is a double bay shed complete with power and lighting that has been used as a workshop, there is accommodation for two cars, The owners have the place in excellent condition, A few steps lead up to the level yard from the pool area. "

This was translated into the following chinese...


How does this read to a chinese person?

" The master bedroom, a direct result of the pool area through sliding doors, the second and third bedroom can accommodate a double bed, bathroom is central, and have extra separate toilet.
Outside power and lighting complete a Double Bay shed has been used as a shop, two car accommodation, the owners are in excellent condition, there are several steps leading to the pool area of the horizontal ones.

As you can see, the automatic translated text does not make sense to a chinese person. Therefore it voids the very purpose for having the information translated in the first place. Automatically translating text can also be dangerous from a legal perspective when selling products or services.


Here are some examples of websites that we have manually translated. Note the accuracy and quality of the translation:

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