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Meet The Team

My Translator is proud to have a professional and knowledgeable management team including many years experience in sales, marketing, administration and small business start up.

Our translation team collectively has over 60 years translation experience and is based in Southern China. Our head translator oversees the team and has over 20 years in translation and Interpreting, specializing in Chinese, Japanese and English.

Our IT Team is based in Brisbane Australia with all our production and maintenance work carried out in house, we do not outsource any of our work resulting in first class quality control over our customer requirements resulting in the best possible care of your business.

My Translator also maintains a global relationship with some of the World's best known brands.



Russell has 35 years experience in sales and marketing, including several executive positions as: State Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and Managing Director, Russell has a strong marketing background and is highly skilled in all areas of office administration. Russell has spent the last five years developing translation websites, including the design for the required software. Russell has also spent time in China understanding the business market and culture.


Shane graduated from the University of Queensland with a degree in Anthropology. He spent the last 5 years living and working in China while becoming proficient in Mandarin and understanding Chinese culture. Shane's key contribution to the Company is working with the Australian-Chinese business community and advising the operations in China.


Wang Lei graduated from the Wuhan Music University in China. While teaching music, Lei discovered the thrill of learning a language and has become a well-respected marketing and communications specialist. She has consistently exceeded expectations and thrives when facing new business challenges. In 2010, Lei became involved in higher levels of international communication in China and recently joined My-Translator


Warwick is a specialist in software translation for website development and document design. Warwick embraces technology to support business and possesses a solid working knowledge of information systems. His main strength lies in understanding how best to manage information technology and how to apply it to translation of websites.



Leo graduated in 1989 with a degree in English Literature from Wuhan University, China. As a professional translator, he has worked as the chief director of a language school in southern China for ten years. He has also spent some time in Singapore teaching Chinese. His expertise in Chinese and English has greatly assisted the company, Leo's key contributions included translation of website content Based in Dongguang China, Leo oversees a group of translators who work under his supervision.


I am Jacky, I graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology. I am English major and have already received the certificate of TEM 8. I've been working as a full-time teacher in DMTSC for 6 years and I started to work as an English translation this year. I do love my work because I enjoy communicating with students and customers with different levels of English. As everyone knows, English is the most widely used language in the world and also the international business language. Therefore, if you can speak fluent English, it will yield incalculable advantages all your life. Don't be shy, just try. Thanks。


I am a holder of TEM-8 and Qualification Certificate of Translation Proficiency (Translator Level II). I have more than five years of professional experience in translation and knowledge accumulation; my work involves a wide range of documents with extensive coverage; I'm especially adept at translating contract, agreement and similar documents.


I graduated from Shantou University in Guangdong Province, majoring in Business English, with the grant of TEM8. I have worked for the Dongguan Municipal Translation Service Center for seven years, holding the position of Manager of Translation Department. I am familiar with the translation skills for various documents, such as, Quality Manuals, Audit Reports, Capital Verification Reports, Instructions for Users, Product Introduction, Bank References, Personal Passport, Certificates of Incorporation, Article of Association, menus, websites and others.


I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University, majoring in English. Before the year 2006, I was engaged in English teaching and consultation on "go abroad to study project". Then as a translator for different translation companies and frequently delegated to project sites for oral interpreting. Rich experience in translating operational manuals for mechanical products, ISO document updates, finance & economy reports, legal contract and IT essays.


Hi, I am Zoe. I graduated from School of Foreign Language of Guangdong University of Technology, majoring in English Translation, and successfully obtained TEM8. During my college period, I also accomplished my second degree, law. With a solid foundation in my major and am well versed in translation skills.

Presently, I am working in Dongguan Municipal Translation and Service Center as a professional English translator, familiar with and involved in the translation of a large number of documents of all kinds, including various contracts and agreements, legal instruments, article of associations, business letters, company introduction, product instruction, operation manual, auditing report, patent documents or patent application documents as well as website translation and literary translation, etc.

Taking the motto with me Let us, then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait, I am always working conscientiously and have a can-do attitude, always striving to pursue my self-realization.


Sheldyn has over 13 years experience in online IT production and management. He has worked on a variety of online projects providing him with the experience to succesfully head up the IT department for My Translator and take on the challenges involved with maintaining an international translation system. Sheldyn has a Bachelor Degree of Multimedia development and an Advanced Diploma of Online Marketing. Sheldyn works at Partner Digtial - a website agency based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.