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I am a Chinese business man and I sometimes do business with people from western countries. Terry did help me a lot in securing the business opportunities as he always provides me with accurate and fast translation of business contract or emails sent from my customers.
Dongrui Jewelry, Kerry

We are a large enterprise in China. Our company often imports equipment from abroad. However, sometimes the vendors do not have the manuals in Chinese, which are needed for us to train our operators. This is also why we came to you for help. The manuals translated by them are professional and good in terms of a technological point of view.
Duracell (China) Limited


Jacky,thank you for your timely, accurate and fruitful translation service and it's really helpful for our business and thank you for your excellent cooperation. Many thanks.
Vera Bradley Handbag Design, Jessica


Jacky, your timely, accurate and witty translation service really did help us a lot for our business. We all appreciate for your wonderful job. Thanks.
Peter Huang


We are please to recommend My Translator as a high quality human translation supplier, we have used other online translation companies in the past, but ended up with very mixed results. With the ease of use of My Translator we can at anytime send text for translation to Chinese and know that we get accurate Chinese translation and it is returned within 24 hours and sometimes as quickly as the same day. In our view, if you want accurate and quick Chinese translation this is the way to go.

We used the Chinese Translation Centre to prepare our offer documents in Chinese in preparation for fund raising and everything was perfect, when we learned that they were launching My Translator we started using the website as we need documents translated to Chinese regularly for our brochures and marketing material. My Translator provides us with this service and at a very good price.
Real Estate Commercial


Lily, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance during my recent trip to China. Your proficient English skills have been very helpful and I really enjoyed your accompany.
DAS Distributors Les Wilson


Dear Nicole,
Greetings from Margaret Pong Ying & my husband David from Melbourne, Australia.
We thank you once again very much for your expertise & services, translating for my relatives in Dongguan & Machong Village to assist with the property issues & liaising with the Dongguan Council & the Dongguan Notary Office on our behalf.
Margaret Pong Ying & David


Nicole, thank you so much for your support and assistance. Though we always request the translation service in a very short time, you and your colleagues can satisfy our requirement each time, by supplying the quality translation to us. Thank you very much!

TJCC Franky